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We're Abram

and Maggie,

owners of

Deep Canyon Farm.

These are

our hired


and our motivation to work hard and learn self-reliance.

Together we're learning how to work hard, raise our own food, make what we need

with what we have, and thank God for all with which He has blessed us!

We started vegetable gardening at our rental house way back when. We loved the lifestyle and knew we wanted to become more and more self-reliant. When we got our own home in 2012, we got some sheep for meat and hobby, and grew an even bigger garden. Then in 2015 we were blessed with our dream farm in Northern Utah, where we're growing a garden and fruit orchard, and raising goats, chickens, rabbits, donkeys and bees, with the help of Ranger the dog. We homeschool, too, and have found so much peace and love of learning by using The Good & the Beautiful curriculum! Over time we'll be adding more tutorials and recipes so you can follow along on our journey, and maybe even learn a thing or two with us!

Thanks for coming!

Baling hay on the homestead
farm fresh eggs
baby donkey
Nigerian Dwarf
Nigerian Dwarf baby goats
Growing Popcorn
Fam holding hands valley
Food storage
Raking hay
Playing frisbee
nigerian dwarf baby goat
walking holding hands
English Shepherd
Mammoth Donkeys
Fishing boy
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