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Mini Nubians are a legitimate and recognized breed, descending from the dairy queen Nubian breed and the hardy, backyard-sized Nigerian Dwarf breed. To us, they are the best of both worlds! They're small enough for even younger children to handle, they eat much less than standard size goats, they have the hardiness of the Nigies, they're super adorable, and they produce an impressive amount of yummy milk!

Our goal is to raise and sell friendly, healthy Mini Nubians that produce high quality and high quantity milk. We breed for health, conformation, udder, and dairy production. We don't breed for color, but it certainly is fun to have variety! Everything you want in a backyard dairy goat is what we're working to give you at Deep Canyon Farm. All our Mini Nubians are registered with the Mini Dairy Goat Association.

Our Nigerian Dwarfs are double registered with the Mini Dairy Goat Association

and the American Dairy Goat Association.

Mini Nubian Dairy Goat


5th generation American Mini Nubian


Laz E Acre's Stormy Night, "Stormy," is a  2016 doe from Laz E Acre Farm in Finley, Washington. I feel so lucky that I got to bring her to Deep Canyon Farm. Isn't she a looker? Here's what Debbi had to say about this promising doe: "[She] has easily become one of our favorites. She is a lovely doe with excellent width and smoothness of top line from head through the withers. She has beautiful Nubian characteristics and comes from a very high production milk line as well. Her Dam received her milk star in 2016 with over 10# of milk."

Sire: Ma Bungi's Second Chance *B

       Sire's sire: Soaring Heart's Chance *B

       Sire's dam: Caldwell Creek's Fanny *P
Dam: WRRanch Heidi *P

       Dam's sire: Caldwell Creek's Fanny's Freddy Mac

       Dam's Dam: TW Ranch Matilda

Mini Nubian dairy goat

Show Wins: 2- 1st Place and 1-3rd place at Wine Country Classic 2016

"A is placing over C for her levelness of back and smoothness of blending from her neck into her withers with a more appropriate dairy wedge." 

-Judge James Oller

Mini Nubian


6th Generation Purebred Mini Nubian


2018 doeling from Golden Plains Mini Nubians! Helena has a nice topline and length and such graceful, delicate features. She's very mellow, calm, and friendly. I'm really excited to have her at Deep Canyon Farm. 

Sire: Eveland Farm's Turbo 3-G

       Sire's sire: Paradise St Patty's Guiness

       Sire's dam: Country Pride Farm Shimmering Starr  
Dam: Golden Plains FW Arianna *P

       Dam's sire: VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester

       Dam's Dam: Carpenter Ranch Rapunzel 2*P

Mini Nubian dairy goat
Mini Nubian dairy goat
Mini Nubian Dairy Goat


6th Generation Purebred Mini Nubian


Gloria is the first doeling I retained from Granite, our gorgeous buck. I'm excited to see how her udder develops! Her dam, Maple (owned by my friend, Abby, at Field House Farm) had a beautiful udder with her first freshening.

Sire: Eveland Farm's Hayzel's Granite

       Sire's sire: Paradise St Patty's Guiness

       Sire's dam: Dancing Goat Garden's Hay-zel Bee   
Dam: Laz E Acre's Sugar Maple

       Dam's sire: Autumn Wood's Admiral Reno

       Dam's Dam: Eveland Farn's Glad Rags

Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots
Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots
Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots
Mini Nubian Dairy Goat


5th generation American Mini Nubian

2018 doeling from Carpenter Ranch! This girl follows us everywhere like a puppy-dog. She has a wonderful personality, good dairy lines, and a beautiful coat. It will be fun to see how her colors continue to change as she grows.

Due June 22, 2019

Sire: Black Acre Blue Jasper

       Sire's sire: Backyard Mini Nubian Arnold Blue

       Sire's dam: W4's Honey Heidi Lou 
Dam: Carpenter Ranch Enchanted Rose

       Dam's sire: Green Gables Grant's General Sherman

       Dam's Dam: Rocking Goat Mya

Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots
Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots


5th Generation American Mini Nubian


Pollyanna has won Best Udder and Reserve Champion. Just look at her pedigree! All those milk stars, Green Gables, and Echo Hills! She has long, easy-to-milk teats and beautiful attachment. Besides all that, she's also a sweetheart with excellent breed character (long, droopy ears and a Roman nose) and a quiet, gentle personality. She also has some moonspots hidden under that roaning. I'll get some better pictures this summer once she has shed off her shaggy winter coat.


2018: twins

2019: due July 2019


Sire: Green Gables Rock 'n Roll *B

       Sire's sire: VMCH Green Gables SS MoonBeam *B

       Sire's dam: Green Gables EHJ Daisy *P
Dam: Moon Light May-be its May-ba-Leen

       Dam's sire: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova

       Dam's Dam: Carpenter Ranch Heidi



Purebred Nigerian Dwarf


When we switched over to Mini Nubians, we just had to keep Charlotte, our sweetest, dairy-est Nigerian Dwarf. She's the best of the best! Her jaw-dropping beauty is matched by her natural mothering ability and her sweet-as-pie personality. She delivers multiples every year and is such a great mama. As if that wasn't enough, she is also a super milk producer with a wonderful udder for such a small goat.


Charlotte is double registered through ADGA and MDGA.


2016: triplets (2 does, 1 buck)

2017: triplets (2 does, 1 buck)

2018: triplets (2 does, 1 buck)

2019: quintuplets! (2 does, 3 bucks)

Sire: Heaven's Hollow Bodacious *B

       Sire's sire: CH Rosasharn SP Lorquin's Admiral *B

       Sire's dam: GCH NC PromisedLand RC Bella 1*M
Dam: Nevada Stars Royal Katherine

       Dam's sire: DD Tiny Toes TR Your Highness

       Dam's Dam: Nevada Stars Lil Reba

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