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Mini Nubian Dairy Goat

Sire: Paradise St Patty's Guiness

       Sire's sire: Fertile Earth Farm Alchemist

       Sire's dam: Blue Oak's Sunrise
Dam: Dancing Goat Garden's Hay-zel Bee

       Dam's sire: FMCH Echo Hills Rio Bravo *B

       Dam's Dam: Soaring Heart's Valerian


5th Generation American Mini Nubian

I can hardly believe I got to bring home this gorgeous buck from Eveland Farm in Hermiston, Oregon, a notoriously healthy, high-quality goat herd. Granite is a 5th generation mini with knock-your-socks-off looks! His pedigree is fantastic—in fact, his dam, Hay-zel Bee, is now a finished champion, and has won Best Udder 3 times!! I have no doubt that he will bring great genetics to our farm and to our area. To top it off, he's got a friendly, inquisitive personality. You can't help but love this guy!

Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots

Granite as a baby

Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots

Granite's dam, Hay-zel Bee, NOT on a 12-hour fill (while feeding quads with no supplementing); She is a finished champion with 3 Best Udder awards!

Mini Nubian Dairy Goat


5th Generation American Mini Nubian

2018 buckling from Golden Plains Mini Nubians! This guy has wonderful length and width, a very mellow temperament, and the looks to make all the girls fall in love. His pedigree is exciting, with dairy on both sides and a double dose of the champion buck Green Gables Freedom's Winchester. I have no doubt that Glacier's lines will improve our herd.

Sire: VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester

       Sire's sire: Beloved Freedom

       Sire's dam: Green Gables B Dolly 3*P   
Dam: Golden Plains Ice Crystal *P

       Dam's sire: VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester

       Dam's Dam: Golden Plains Snow Flurry

Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots
Mini Nubian baby goat with moonspots

Captain Jack

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

​JDR Ranch CP Flynn Ryder, nicknamed "Captain Jack" around here, has sired quite a variety of kids (Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian, and Mini Lamancha)  on our farm. We have seen a beautiful variety of colors come from Jack, from white to black, to copper red, to spotted and tri-color, and all have good conformation. He's a total lover-boy and always begs with his big eyes for a good petting when you go by. He's gentle and calm with people and other animals. "Jack" is double registered with ADGA and MDGA, and has an impressive number of milk stars in his lineage.

Sire: Caprinos RI Copper

       Sire's sire: Pholia Farm KM Riot +*B

       Sire's dam: SG Wood Bridge Farm Wreyanna 1*M
Dam: GCH JDR Ranch CS Cherry Blossom 3*M

       Dam's sire: Rosasharn GX Cashew +B

       Dam's Dam: SGCH Odeon DWC Honey Dew Blossom 2*M

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