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How to easily pull a t-post out of the ground without any fancy tools

We get crazy winds here. I mean CRAZY! The worst I've ever been in. We've had solid wood Adirondack chairs go zipping away from our porch down to the shed, we've seen the dog house, chicken coop and rabbit cages rolling away, barrels and wagons all over the property, we've lost siding several times off of our house, and we've had to do some serious thinking on how to reduce wind damage.

What does this have to do with t-posts? Well I needed a wind break for my beehives, because if the wind blew my beehives down... that would be a mess!

So Abram helped me build a wind break out of pallets and t-posts. He wasn't happy with where he put the first couple t-posts and needed to pull them out. Have you ever tried to pull a t-post out of the hard ground? Watch how easily Abram gets it up. I was so impressed when I watched him pull the first one up that I told him he had to do a video tutorial on the next one.

#fence #homesteading

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